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Innovators are creating success in Southern Alberta.

The Southern Alberta Investment & Trade Initiative is a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and innovators who are looking to grow or expand their businesses. We provide resources, connections, and guidance to help you succeed.


CEO of AdvancedAG

AdvancedAg, located in Raymond, Alberta, is at the forefront of sustainable agriculture innovation in Southern Alberta. With a mission to help farmers increase productivity while reducing their environmental impact, AdvancedAg has developed cutting-edge technologies and practices that are transforming the industry.


Their success is a testament to the thriving business environment in Southern Alberta, which fosters research and innovation in collaboration with local institutions. Thanks to world-class research facilities such as the Lethbridge College in partnership with the Aquaculture Centre of Excellence and the Centre for Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, businesses like AdvancedAg have access to top-tier talent and resources.


In addition, the region's strong entrepreneurial spirit, supportive ecosystem, and proximity to key markets make Southern Alberta an ideal place for businesses to innovate, grow, and make a positive impact on the world.

Joshua Day Chief, CEO of Advanced AG
Christine Lewington, CEO of PIP International


CEO of PIP International Ltd.

PIP International (PIP), based in Lethbridge, Alberta, is a disruptive player in sustainable plant protein development. Their innovative approach using peas to create a neutral tasting and high functioning plant-based protein has attracted attention from around the world.
PIP is taking advantage of the region's abundant renewable energy sources to power their operations and drive innovation in sustainable plant protein development. With a strong commitment to sustainability, PIP International has invested in renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power that will charge an innovative thermal energy storage system, enabling them to eliminate their carbon footprint and responsibly treat the environment.
By leveraging these advantages, PIP International is driving innovation in sustainable plant protein development and helping to create a more environmentally friendly food system with an affordability advantage that helps put Southern Alberta on the global stage.


CEO of Flexahopper Plastics

Flexahopper Plastics, based in Lethbridge, Alberta, is a leading manufacturer of custom polyethylene products. The strategic location of Southern Alberta is a significant advantage for the company, allowing them to efficiently access and distribute materials across North America. The region's established transportation networks, including major highways and rail lines, make it easy for Flexahopper Plastics to access raw materials and distribute their products quickly and efficiently.


Additionally, Southern Alberta's abundant natural resources and accessible technologies allow Flexahopper Plastics to leverage renewable solar energy in their operations. 


The region's strong and supportive business community also provides an ideal environment for Flexahopper Plastics to thrive, with access to world-class research institutions, a highly skilled workforce, and a culture of innovation. By leveraging these advantages, Flexahopper Plastics is driving growth and success, and contributing to the economic prosperity of Southern Alberta.

Adriana Mercader, CEO of Flexahopper Plastics
Southern Alberta is connected to the world through vast railway systems.


Southern Alberta offers a strategic location, a highly skilled workforce, and abundant renewable energy sources, making it an ideal place for businesses to thrive.

Southern Alberta is leading the world on many fronts, especially agri-food, food processing, technology and innovation, tourism and renewable energy.

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