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Availability of Skilled Labour

Alberta is home to the highest labour productivity in Canada and has the highest participation rate in the labour force among all provinces.

Energy Availability and costs

Alberta is a global leader in energy production and is a top destination for renewable, carbon capture, and hydrogen investments. It is a leading jurisdiction for cleantech and geothermal energy, and is home to the third largest oil reserves in the world.


Highway Accessibility

Alberta’s extensive network of pipelines, highways, and telecommunications infrastructure makes it easy to operate on a global scale. 

State and Local incentives 

To create a supportive environment for businesses and investors, the province is streamlining approvals and lowering taxes. Alberta has already cut thousands of regulatory requirements, reducing red tape by 15%. According to the Fraser Institute’s Economic Freedom Index, Alberta has the highest economic freedom in Canada.

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Corporate Tax Rate

Alberta has some of the lowest taxes in North America, including no provincial sales tax, no payroll tax, no health care premiums, and some
of the lowest corporate income taxes in Canada. The province’s low fuel taxes and personal income tax rates make it one of the most cost-competitive jurisdictions in the country.


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Raw Materials Availability

Southern Alberta is an agriculture hub that feeds the world. The region is home to fertile soil, the most sunlight hours in Canada, and an advanced irrigation network. It's suitable for a variety of agricultural activities.



Residents of the province enjoy high average wages, the lowest income tax brackets in the country, low utility costs, and low housing prices in the major cities of Edmonton and Calgary.

Construction Costs

Overall, the combination of affordable construction costs and ample land availability make Southern Alberta an appealing choice for businesses looking to establish or grow their presence.


Proximity to Suppliers 

Locating your business in Southern Alberta allows you to be proximate to your suppliers, processors, and distributors, allowing you to ensure the highest product quality from start to finish.

Land and Water Availability 

Southern Alberta has an abundance of land and water resources, making it an attractive location for businesses looking to set up operations.

Find out why Southern Alberta is your next move.

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